I am going to be a DetermiNator!

So, I joined the American Cancer Society team for the ING NYC Marathon. WHAT!? Ya, I did it… My high school friend is coming in town and doing it with me (@grapplegirl) in fact she helped push me in the direction… I don’t know whether to thank her or be mad at her… 🙂 Truthfully, a lot has pushed me into running this. More to come – but in the meantime, please visit my fundraising page at http://bit.ly/xahndra.
Here is what my personal fundraising page looks like:
Since I moved to NYC 2 years ago, I’ve watched the NYC Marathon pass by my house always wishing I was participating, from the sidelines. Sidelines no more!!!! I am running my very first big race, and it’s a doozie! I will be raising at least $3,500 for the American Cancer Society. I am going to kick my own butt so we can kick cancer’s butt in return!
As part of the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team, my very first race victory will help save lives from every cancer in every community. It’s up to us to change the course of cancer – and I believe in the work the American Cancer Society is doing to save lives. Every day, they’re helping people stay well and get well, they’re funding and conducting research to find cures, and they’re rallying communities to join them in fighting back. More than 11 million Americans who have a history of cancer will celebrate another birthday this year. Please support me with a donation so that together, with the American Cancer Society, we can help save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

I’ll be doing this marathon in honor of my grandparents, John and Ursula Grogan – but additionally to support my friends and family who are fighting cancer and surviving cancer. NYC Marathon, here WE come!!!!

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