My first 10K and the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge just as I was about to run over…

Last week, I went to San Francisco for work. I was excited to go for a successful event with my business; but equally as excited to do a quick run while there. When I travel, I am always super anxious to map a run in a new place. While in San Francisco, I actually did a run over the Golden Gate Bridge. I woke up at 5am and got to the bridge just in time to run before I had to report to work. All went well, except for the fact I got lost in the Golden Gate National Park after exiting the bridge. I had to text pictures to my cab driver in order for him to find me. It was pretty funny and a “one-of-a-kind” experience.

This past Saturday (7/21), I did my first 10K. I effectively kicked my butt as a result. Watch this video at 0:32 seconds, this is how I felt after. Just imagine the sunburn is my muscles:

Seriously though, the good news is, I completed it! I wasn’t last either… I actually placed decently. In fact, my time was just about 7 minutes longer than it took me to do 5 miles less than a month ago! So, I’d say it’s a personal best and a milestone. I can’t wait to hit my next milestone.

I really hope that my fundraising picks up. I’ve stood at the same amount for the last month… What to do, what to do? Any suggestions?

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