Sometimes training STINKS!

Last night was a hard night for me, training-wise. It was hot, Central Park was crowded and my body was still exhausted from the 10K on Saturday. I actually broke down and was beating myself up over my slow pace and my exhaustion. Thank goodness one of my coaches ran with me at exactly the right time. She helped me realize a few things:

Getting ready for a group workout with the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team in Central Park

– My training is my own, I don’t have to compare myself to others (this includes team mates and strangers in the park)

– Weather in general plays… in other words, if it’s bloody hot outside like it was yesterday, I may not be able to run as well.

– My health plays (i.e., the fact that I ran a race on Saturday and my body was tired). If I am tired or sick, I may not be able to run as well.

Most importantly, I learned that my training is my own and I will have a lot of little and big victories along the way. My coach encouraged me to put every victory – no matter how big or how small – in my pocket and carry them with me to the finish line at the NYC Marathon. I can do this! Even though I broke down yesterday, I have to say I am here to stay. There is not an ounce of quitter blood in me at this point. I am all in!!!

By the way, if you are in the NYC area, I have two happy hour “drinks for a cause” where 100% of the proceeds will go toward my fundraising. Please check out the events on facebook and come!

Brooklyn, August 12th:​events/168041043330281#!/events/137033306437415/

Manhattan, August 23rd:​events/168041043330281#!/events/168041043330281/

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