7 miles? CHECK!

I took this picture on my run!

Today I woke up late. There was no way I would be able to eat, let my stomach settle and make it to the group run with the American Cancer Society team. For a mili-second, I thought about how nice sleeping in would be. Ahhhhh *stretch*

NOPE! I got up and decided that TODAY would be the day that I hit 7 miles. On the training calendar today, for beginners, today is 6-7 miles. I’ve always done exactly the minimum that I am required to on the training calendar. But today, I had a different plan in mind 🙂

I ran in my own neighborhood, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn today. It was a beautiful run and really beautiful weather for a run. I ran on the promenade near the Verrazano Bridge. While running, I thought about what it might feel like to run OVER the Verrazano… Soon enough!

When I hit 6 miles, I was tired – ready to stop…. Ironically, as I hit 6 miles – I was passing my apartment. But I was determined! I passed my house and kept going and hit my 7 miles with a decent pace (considering parts of my run were up and down stairs).

Anyway, so there you have it… I hit 7 miles today. That’s something I never dreamed I would be able to accomplish. I feel as though I was just inducted into the crazy-running-hall-of-fame. In just 3 more miles, I will be in the double digits! Yipeeeee!

PS – during my run today, on the dock by the water, some guy flung his fishing line back and stuck my leg and then laughed about it. It was mile 4, so I was a little grumpy about it… But, he didn’t throw my game lol!!!

by Alexandra Hertel on Sat, Jul 28, 2012 @ 10:46 AM

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