8 Miles

8 miles was hard, but I got it done yesterday at the gym… 8.03 miles, in fact. The only problem was that I didn’t eat enough or drink enough water before hand, so I got sick afterwards.

A couple of pointers I am going to remember before my next long run:
– It’s obviously time to start with some sort of boost (goo or whatever it’s called) during my running
– I ran out of water mid-run and didn’t want to stop to get more… Next time, I will stop to get more or bring more water to start with
– I didn’t eat anything after lunch and before my run at 6pm… so next time, I am going to have an afternoon meal at around 3:30 or 4.

Hopefully those adjustments will save me to trouble next time.

As far as the run goes, I really wanted to quit after 6 miles – BIG TIME! My coaches explained to me that a lot of running is a mental game. I finally figured that out to be extremely true last night. My body could handle the miles but my mind kept telling me how proud it was of me and how I would be fine if I stopped once I hit that 6 mile mark. I had to keep myself in check and keep mentally pushing myself so I wouldn’t stop.

One thing that helped me keep going was my music. Yesterday, I posted a request to all my friends on facebook requesting their suggestions for “power” songs for running. I got some great input and I am going to be downloading those songs for my next race. Hopefully the playlist built by my friends will help me feel supported and motivated to keep going. This next race is called, “The Battle of Brooklyn” and it’s 10 miles.

Oh – more exciting news! I’ve signed up to do the Race for the Cure with my college, CUNY School of Professional Studies. They’ve asked me to be their weekly correspondent now through race time and I am thrilled! Follow me @xahndra if you would like to stay updated.

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