7 days


With Halloween around the corner and Frankenstorm (a.k.a., Hurricane Sandy) looming, I can’t help but think how scared I am that the ING NYC Marathon is just 7 days away. SEVEN DAYS!

As scared as I am right now – I am clinging to the strong believe that I have got this marathon under my belt already. I got it!

How could I not? I have so much support. My friend from High School will be in town, staying with me, to do the marathon as well for Team McGraw. Liz has done 5 marathons and many triathlons, so she’s practically an expert and staying with me – at MY house. She’s really had faith in me all along, so having her here with me will be such a bonus for my moral as well! My brother is also coming in town to support me. This is the first time he’s come to visit me in NYC! He’s also a runner who has had incredible faith in me. So, this is also good!

And speaking of support, I have 82 donors who believe in me, 82 donors who have also helped me raise almost $4,000 for the American Cancer Society! I have incredible purpose for my run. No matter how hard my run is, this is going to be much easier than battling cancer.

Even more, I also have incredible coaches and teammates that believe in me. I have many volunteers who will be there cheering me on during the race. Most importantly, I believe in myself. So this superstitious feeling I have about “7 days” is all for nothing.  In just 7 days, I will be able to say that I’ve completed a marathon. I will be part of the 5% of the US Population and 2% of the world’s population to ever complete a marathon.

For anyone in the NYC area, I hope you will come cheer me on. Expected times / locations are below (thanks to the JackRabbit spectator guide).  Also, it’s not too late to donate to the American Cancer Society. I am less than $100 from raising $4,000. To make a donation, please visit:  http://bit.ly/xahndra.

Image Credit:
The Ring. Digital image. IMDb. DreamWorks Pictures, n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2012. .

3 thoughts on “7 days

  1. piyushswain

    Here I am doing the same thing with 10 days to go for my first marathon:) Loved your posts…esp the philly race recap…you are my hero!!!

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