Letter to my supporters!

Dear Contributors, Family, Friends, Colleagues:

There has been a lot of heated chatter the last few days regarding the 2012 ING NYC Marathon. Now that it’s cancelled, I am hoping you don’t feel as though your donation was wasted this year! Your funds and moral support are still contributing to a worthy cause that I believe in. The American Cancer Society helps fund research for a cure and provides direct care to those fighting cancer.

Through my fundraising and training this season, I’ve met many survivors and fighters who are grateful to all of us for what we’ve accomplished. For example, just a few weeks ago when I was on my way to do a long run in Prospect Park wearing my American Cancer Society “DetermiNation” shirt, a woman named Sheila stopped me to thank me for running for the American Cancer Society and that she fought and beat lung cancer 20 years ago – and then, she hugged me.

The American Cancer Society has helped me do something great for people and I am proud to be a part of the team and so grateful to all of you for making that possible. Not only that, you have all helped me fight for my own health too… It’s something to be very proud of.
So, now what? The American Cancer Society has deferred my entry to the 2013 ING NYC Marathon with no fundraising minimum required. I WILL do this race and wear all the ribbons in honor of all of those I’ve promised. I also am currently shopping for an official marathon to join in the next month or two. The most important take away is that I am committed to sticking with my exercise and lifestyle change. You are all a part of that excitement! You have all given me (and others) the gift of life!
But, there’s more to share. In the wake of the hurt, pain and recovery efforts here in the NYC area – my team and I have decided to run 26.2 miles this Sunday – because we’ve trained for it and we can! We are trying to use this effort on Sunday to spread awareness and raise funds for the American Red Cross. Already, my team has raised over $2,500. If you are able, I would love for you to be a part of our run this Sunday in Prospect Park. My family will be relaying the marathon with me, one loop at a time.
To check out our fundraising progress, visit the page here. If you are in the area – consider coming out to Prospect Park with some cow-bell cheer! All waves begin at 8am at the loop by Grand Army Plaza.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your support during this difficult time. It has truly been a wildly enjoyable and humbling experience.
All my best,

3 thoughts on “Letter to my supporters!

    1. Shani Grogan

      Alexandra, Just read your e-mail my heart goes out to you. All your hard work was worth a lot it strengthened & grew you with all your endurance the fight you had and will continue to have it in you for all your future runs. Love you so much my dear. Aunt Shani

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