I feel my story is unique because I am not a typical runner. I used running to quit a 20-year smoking addiction. While still a quitter, I am trying so hard not to be a quitter with running!

In the beginning of my blog, I get real about the constant battle I face with bad habits while trying to maintain a commitment to fitness. I still have my fitness ups and downs and my relationship with running is a love – hate one.

Now that I have four years of running under my belt, I am taking fitness to the next level by incorporating more focus on what I am eating along with keeping an active lifestyle. As a vegan committed to more whole food eating sans gluten, alcohol, sugars (refined & artificial) and processed foods, I am a proud urban gardener (living in both Detroit and Brooklyn). I like to make everything I eat which means I must constantly plan ahead. Feel free to check out my recipes and videos on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/vegetabletable.

When I am not busy being an anti-fitness fitness-fanatic, I am wife to my best friend, mother of three beautiful daughters and many many pets.

The reason I blog is two-fold: Blogging adds a layer of social accountability for me which keeps me committed to better health but moreover, I hope to inspire others who struggle with fitness, like me. I like to say that if I can do fitness, anyone can do fitness. I hope you will join me!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kelli

    Girl – so very proud of you! As a one time marathon runner – the last few miles are a challenge so be prepared – mentally. You will be physically ready at this point to finish – fear not! But as in life, when life life throws you challenges – you face them HEAD ON! So, it may be tough but remember those who don’t have a choice to have cancer and THAT my dear, is what you’re doing this for! God Bless you! Love you! I’m on vacation during the run so can’t wait to hear about it when I get back!!!

    1. Thanks Kelli! I have many people I care about and remember who will be on my mind those last miles. Thank you for the reminder 😉 I hope you have a great vacation. XOXO love and hugs right back at-ya!!!!

      1. Hello Alexandra. I thought I would check out your site and leave a comment. I’m in your class and I look forward to learning with you. Congrats and running and the fact that you quit smoking. Be well.

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